Quasi Moto | Honda CL 450

What exactly is a “scrambler?” In 1971, Honda thought a scrambler was a set of high pipes and handlebars on what was otherwise a decidedly street moto. Hence, the CL450. Unfortunately, these early efforts at a dual-purpose moto fell pretty far short of true off rode integrity.
So, we thought, what if that amazing dual overhead cam engine sat in a frame with modern electronics, suspension and real brakes? Meet Quasi Moto. This is what happens when you mate a vintage scrambler with a modern adventure bike. We completely rebuilt the DOHC450 motor, hand-made the stainless exhaust, fabricated the custom subframe and mono-shock conversion, grafted on a set of Dominator forks with disc brakes front and rear. The result is our bad ass, desert-capable take on a vintage scrambler.