Eden | Yamaha XS 650


Eden belongs to an artist. Before commissioning this build, the owner gave us an amazing watercolor titled “Eden.” Inspired by that painting, we set out to capture the owner’s expression.

We started with a complete but very tired 1980 Yamaha XS650. Built along the lines of a tracker mashed up with a scrambler, we added a couple of inches to the suspension, an extra hundred or so CC's and modern electronics. We fabricated a new subframe, seat pan and inner fender. Our attention then turned to the motor, suspension and electrics. A big bore kit, entirely new top end and set of Mikuni carbs satisfies the need for speed and new brakes and suspension take care of the ride. A complete MotoGadget harness and electronic ignition keeps Eden running reliably.

The custom made stainless exhaust sounds nothing short of amazing. Add in the hand-made leather seat and grips with bronze accents and you have a one of a kind moto that is as comfortable on the street as it is in the desert or woods.

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